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06.17.01 new version & screenshot

rt 1.2 is now in the final beta stages. i'm finishing up 1.1.94 which will be the last public beta; 1.1.93 is currently the latest released build. i also put up a screenshot of 1.1.94 so you can see how far things have come :)

05.17.01 radeontweaker 1.1.8 (the "back in 88" release)

we're getting much closer to 1.2 with this release. lots of new features, a couple bug fixes, and a big cleanup of the code.
version 1.1.8 - 05.17.01 (the back-in-88 release) 
 * reorganized the tcl&dvd tab
 * added a ten-second timeout to the overclocking 'yes/no' dialog
 * made radeontweaker fit nicely within an 800x600 screen
 * minor cosmetic improvements
 * added 13 direct3d keys and 10 directdraw keys
 * added gdi and hardware cursor options to win9x
 * added 'disable file protection' option to win2k/nt
 * added an 'info' menu and implemented a 'driver details' dialog
 * cleaned up a lot of callback code which allowed me to turn on
   compiler optimizations - radeontweaker is now a smaller file
   and uses less memory
 * gave the installer a purple&black background.  oh yes, it is
   rad. =)

05.12.01 radeontweaker 1.1.7 (the "the walls-dripping-pink" release)

just another development snapshot, not too many changes from the last. i added a couple profiles you might be interested in.

05.07.01 radeontweaker 1.0.3 (the "would you fsck me? cos i'd fsck me." release)

here it is, the first update to the radeontweaker-stable in nearly a month. i've backported all of the bugfixes from the 1.1.x branch as well as updated the documentation and profiles.
version 1.0.3 - 05.07.01 (the "would you fsck me? cos i'd fsck me."
 * stopped radeontweaker from starting in 16-color display mode
 * radeontweaker will no longer load upon startup if it has no
   task to complete (i.e. set the clock speed, gamma, etc.)
 * updated documentation
 * fixed problem detecting async clocks
 * fixed win2k driver detection problems
 * the uninstaller now cleans up rt's registry settings
 * altered the docs to make enable/disable recommendations clearer
 * added more accurate rounding of memory and clock speeds
 * spell-checked the code
 * set the r6probe files to be 'shared' so that one tweaker's
   uninstall program doesn't delete them without user confirmation
   since all three tweakers need them
 * fixed memory timing retrieval
 * synced profiles with radeontweaker 1.1.6 and added one for
   tribes 2

05.06.01 radeontweaker 1.1.5 (the grrl-on-the-frontline release)

yay for late nights coding! over the past few days my inordinate ammount of free time has allowed this release to escape my grasp and make it's way unto the world. enjoy :)

update: support radeontweaker development! i'd like to thank everyone who supports this project; your e-mails are a constant reminder that people do appreciate this. lately i've started getting mail offering 'reinbursement' for my work, mostly along the line of warez. i don't have much of a use for that; in fact, i try to only user legal, free software now-a-days. anyway, i decided to set up a paypal account. if you're interested in supporting my programming, feel free to make a small $5 donation to fflewddur@dropline.net via paypal. cheers,
- todd

version 1.1.5 - (the grrl-on-the-frontline release)
 * added support for resumefix.exe and made rt play nice with
   rage3d tweaker - thanks for the code, himself :)
 * added hotkey support via setgamma.exe
 * shortcuts now use the icon for the executable they point to
   instead of radeontweaker's icon
 * altered the docs to make enable/disable recommendations clearer
 * small librt optimizations - the executable file size is smaller
   in this version than the previous version for the first time
   ever :)
 * added a counter-strike/dod profile

05.02.01 radeontweaker 1.1.4 (the hyperactive-forest-of-decay release)

a new development release is out. changelog as follows:
 * fixed win2k/nt driver detection (for real, this time)
 * cleaned up the gchar->gpointer mess with callbacks
 * cleaned up the gint->gpointer mess with callbacks
 * updated the documentation with information that's been
   discovered over the past few months
 * yay for spell-checkers ;)
 * added an option to change the default shortcut directory
 * added the ability to compare the differences between two

05.01.01 web page updates

i added a profile download section to the webpage... gone are the days of waiting for a new release for new profiles. i upload just about everything you folks send me, so check it out. i also updated the links page with info on the other two radeon tweakers and added an ftp server that hosts radeon bioses.

04.26.01 radeontweaker 1.1.3 (the soy-and-nicotine release)

 * fixed win2k/nt problem - radeontweaker was not detecting the
   drivers under certain conditions
 * added more error checks to librt
 * fixed improper detection of 'subpixel precision' value
 * fixed improper detection of 'd3d fsaa' value
 * added an option that will ensure hyperz is enabled every
   time the computer starts up
 * updated installer to clean up registry during uninstall

04.24.01 radeontweaker 1.1.2 (the monkey-barrel release)

another notch in the development bed-post. changelog:
 * fixed error with async clocks
 * possibly fixed incompatibility with raid-on tweaker 4.7
 * before loading a profile, rt now cleans out the unused registry
 * added the ability to change the registry location
 * added documentation for the new registry settings from 1.1.0
 * small bug fixes

04.21.01 radeontweaker 1.1.1 (the fantasia-lite release)

i'm back home and coding away. this is an unstable development release, but if you're feeling adventurous, it's got some nifty new features.
version 1.1.1 - 4.21.01 (the fantasia-lite release)
 * improved the error-handling code in librt
 * reformatted 'readme.txt' from unix-style to pc-style
 * fixed gamma problem with 'refresh' option
 * corrected 'z-compression mode' selector
 * added a check to make sure the display depth is greater than 
   16 colors
 * updated profiles

04.13.01 radeontweaker 1.0.2 (the 747-almost-every-day release)

ok, it would seem that i suck at finding bugs. this release includes a couple fixes that should have been in 1.0.0 but blind lil' me didn't see 'em. oh well. i'm taking a vacation for the next week, so i won't be able to reply to e-mail as fast as usuall. be patient. :) i've also made the first official release from the development branch. 1.1.0 is available from the same site 1.0.2 is, just hit the 'download' link on this page. later :)
version 1.0.2 - 04.13.01 (the 747-almost-every-day release)
 * fixed memory timing/latency issues; they weren't being loaded
   when window's started
 * fixed another dead e-mail link
 * corrected memory timing documentation

version 1.1.0 (the coffee-in-shanghai release)
 * added fifteen new registry tweaks; radeontweaker has finally
   caught up with raid-on tweaker ;)
 * added 'create shortcut' button to the profile page
 * added the ability to run a program via the command-line (i.e.
   with one command you can start rt, load a profile, start a game,
   and exit the tweaker.)
 * loading a profile via the command-line now functions properly
 * added 'refresh settings' option to allow rt to display the latest
   registry settings without restarting the application
 * added ability for memory latency/timing to take effect at boot
 * forward-ported all bug-fixes from 1.0.1

04.08.01 radeontweaker 1.0.1 (the waltz-the-razor's-edge release)

a couple small bugs have been fixed and a couple new profiles have been added. time to get to work on 1.1.x :)
version 1.0.1 - 04.08.01 (the waltz-the-razor's-edge release)
 * fixed 'pure registry' bugs
 * added 'black & white' profile (thanks sifer!)
 * added 'final fantasy viii' profile (thanks whismerhill!)
 * fixed 'update profile' bug; the title-bar text wouldn't change
   properly if profile 1 was loaded and modified but profile 2 
   was selected to be updated.

04.04.01 radeontweaker 1.0.0 (the "bad bunny" release)

it took a little over 5 months, but it happened... the 1.0 release of radeontweaker is here :) a lot of people asked why i used a < 1.0 versioning system... the answer is that i believe the 1.0 release is meant to mark a stable program. rt, up until this point, was not stable. after some positive feedback, i've decided to stop adding new features (i'll save them from the 1.1.x branch) and release this as-is. it does everything i intended it to do when i started coding back in november, and even some extra stuff i wasn't planning on. it is full-featured and stable. i hope you all enjoy it. :)

todd kulesza
(aka fflewddur)

version 1.0.0 - 04.04.01 (the bad-bunny release) 
* added memory latency and timing adjustments 
* various overclocking updates 
* added two new profiles 
* final stability tests

04.01.01 radeontweaker 0.99.6 (the "moot point" release)

bring on the bug-fixes!
version 0.99.6 - 04.01.01 (moot point release)
 * fixed 'enable aa lines' bug
 * removed reg keys from older overclocking code
 * added 'profile' command-line option
 * dropdown menus detect their proper default setting
 * fixed 'purge registry' bug
 * fixed dvd-related errors
 * modified the location of r6probe drivers so as to
   not conflict with other tweakers

04.01.01 radeontweaker 0.99.5 (the "let's make pants" release)

lil' profile work, lil' bug-zapping (is it ethical for vegetarians to zap bugs?), and 1.0 shall hit the streets. enjoy.
version 0.99.5 - 04.01.01 (let's make pants)
 * added dvd options
 * extended range of 'lod' slider to 8
 * fixed a bug with loading the same profile twice (thanks
 * re-worked the overclocking code.  rt now sets and detects the
   current clock speed (thanks to vahur and paddy for all the
   hard work!)

03.29.01 radeontweaker 0.99.4

blech. 0.99.3 had a bug in it i caught an hour after the release. here's the update; bannafish issue 2 :)
version 0.99.4 - 03.29.01
 * fixed 'set clock on startup' bug
 * added 'set gamma on startup' option
 * updated my email address from the 'send profile' button

03.29.01 radeontweaker 0.99.3

here it is, the latest version of rt. i've dubbed this the bannafish release. it adds a little color, don't you think?
version 0.99.3 - 03.29.01
 * updated f.a.q
 * added 'view faq' button to the general options tab
 * added current profile name to title bar
 * source code now passes the '-Wall' test :)
 * 'add profile' dialog now has author and comment input areas
 * implemented a versital system for setting attributes
   (clock/gamma/etc) at boot time
 * fixed pixel/vertex shaders and anisotropic filtering loading
   via profiles

03.26.01 radeontweaker 0.99.2

oops, i forgot to post the news of 0.99.1 here. too late. anyway, the 0.99.x series has stabalized; this release cleans up the profile system a bit and add some more docs. keep sending in bug reports, i'd like everything cleared up when 1.0 hits the streets.
version 0.99.2 - 03.26.01
 * 'purge registry' now sets all checkboxes to their unchecked state
 * added overclocking documentation/pixmaps/disclaimer
 * updated f.a.q.
 * profile author info and comments now display in the docbar
 * 'update profile' button no longer overwrites profile author info
   and comments

03.22.01 radeontweaker 0.99.0

yes indeed, i'm still alive. i spent a lot of time fixing bugs and implementing overclocking; the only thing left to do is find a way to detect the current clock speed. i'm releasing this as version 0.99.0 as the last leg before the 1.0 series. rt is now stable and functional. i've a little more cleaning up to do, but for the most part this is what radeontweaker 1.0 will look like. enjoy :)
version 0.99.0 - 03.22.01
 * added command line interface, allowing options to be set at
   system startup
 * added nascar 4 profile
 (thanks to everyone who sent in nascar profiles!)
 * fixed the shader options; they would revert to a value of '1'
   upon startup when they should be '10'
 * fixed tiling options (thanks for the tip, humus!)
 * added overclocking!!  thanks to vahur and paddy for all their
   hard work! :)  currently rt doesn't detect clock speeds, but
   it will set them.  sync and async modes are supported.

02.26.01 radeontweaker 0.11.0

this release has a ton of bugfixes and includes a few new features to boot. there were some pretty big problems with the 0.10.x series that i finally caught, so this is a strongly recommended upgrade.
version 0.11.0 - 02.26.01
 * added "send profile" button to make it easier for users to send
   me profiles they've written
 * added beos section to the drivers page
 * fixed mismatched d3d fsaa keys
 * fixed major bug with checkbox callback; rt wasn't keeping track
   of the checkboxes' values and pretty much destroying the profile
 * added 'half-life' profile (thanks desloc!)
 * added radeon's profile from rage3d.com
 * fixed 'remove profile' button

02.21.01 radeontweaker 0.10.3

not a big update, but i fixed a few things here and there and cleaned up some of the internal mess, so this version should use a nip less memory.
version 0.10.3 - 02.21.01
 * added option to enable ati's tv control panel
 * updated opengl private docs
 * internal reworking of the menu system

02.19.01 radeontweaker 0.10.2

this weekened has been unreal. *slinks away*

version 0.10.2 - 02.19.01
 * moved all win32 api calls into librt, creating an os-independant
   interface (rt) and an os-dependant backend (librt)
 * added aliens vs predator profile (thanks msnbcnnbcbs!)
 * completed the 'opengl private' documentation
 * added 'force gamma' option
 * plugged a few memory leaks
 * fixed links to faq and driver guide

02.16.01 radeontweaker 0.10.1

yes indeed, the tireless bunnies working on rt have popped out yet another version. here are the details they sent me:

version 0.10.1 - 02.16.01
 * added 're-initialize display' command (thanks patrick!)
 * consolidated some 99%-redundant functions into a couple of
   effecient ones
 * added some docs for the opengl private keys (~50% finished)
 * updated profiles to use the new keys
 * added 'enable hyperz on radeon le' menu command

02.14.01 radeontweaker 0.10.0 and new webpage

i've been adding a lot of html documentation to rt, and figured the webpage might as well use the same color scheme, so here it is; the same info with a new face. i added a link to the download page from the index bar, along with a screenshot page. i've got one shot up now, but i'll add more whenever i change the look of one of rt's sections. also, there's a new version out, 0.10.0. here's the changelog since 0.8.4:

version 0.10.0 - 02.12.01
 * moved most win32 api calls to librt, allowing easy porting of
   radeontweaker to different operating systems
 * added menu options to export settings to .reg and .html files
 * added a driver installation guide
 * added opengl private section (thanks humus!)

version 0.9.0 - 02.07.01
 * initialize gamma value to current system value
 * internal code cleanup
 * overhauled profile system to be more expandable/eliminated the need
   for version checks
 * fixed upper gamma limit
 * reworked the 'purge registry' call expandibility
 * added a new page of d3d settings
 * plugged some memory leaks
 * added opengl backtiling setting

02.03.01 radeontweaker version 0.8.4

more bug fixes and stability stuff. rt shouldn't cause any problems with system stabily now. i also added a faq page. how k-rad :P

call for profiles!
we're trying to add more profiles to rt, so if you can create them for your favorite games and send 'em this way, i would be very happy :)

01.29.01 radeontweaker version 0.8.2

maintance release mostly, fixed some bugs, added some profiles, made gamma-adjustments work in real-time, survived exam week... stuff like that. :)

01.16.01 radeon tweaker v0.8.1

Fresh version...more bugs fixed:

version 0.8.1 - 01.15.01
 * added mouse-over docs for sliders (gamma and lod)
 * added mouse-over docs for dialog buttons
 * fixed librt to create default values for binary reg keys
 * added a check to make sure librt is up to date (useful for people
   compiling from source code)
 * fixed the '30-something error popups' bug on systems which ati's
   drivers hadn't created the 'opengl' registry key

01.11.01 radeontweaker v0.8.0

woah, lots of new stuff here... better profiling support, pixmaps, delete-key functionality... the list goes on. checkout the changelog for a summary of everything new. we've also added a mailing list; sign up from the 'links' page and get an announcement of each new version delivered straight to your inbox :)

01.11.01 radeontweaker v0.7.1 [has been out for a while]

this version fixes several windows 2000 problems. more to come.

01.02.01 happy new year! radeontweaker v0.7.0 and new website!

special thanks goes to harv for creating a better page layout for us. fflewddur also finished the new version of radeontweaker that includes our new profiling system. here's the changelog:

version 0.7.0 - 1.1.01
 * fix ldxtrilist spelling error
 * updated homepage link
 * added profile support!

more to come on how our special profile system works and how your profile can benefit the radeon community.

12.28.00 radeontweaker v 0.6.1 and new website!

Not only do you get a new spiffy version of rt to toy with, you now have a website with news. it's not a pretty website, but i'd guess you didn't come here for looks.

version 0.6.1 - 12.28.00
 * correct numerous spelling errors ;)
 * add missing documentation

version 0.6.0 - 12.28.00
 * fixed installer bug where it would start 3 instances of rt
 * finally got a cool icon!
 * added new tweaks and separated general tweaks into their own page
 * installer now puts a link to RadeonTweaker under ATI's panel icon
 (thanks e_t! )
 * fix 'purge registry' throwing up lots of errors
 * documentation finally added!!!