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news updated 06.17.01

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radeontweaker is a advanced option editing tool for ati's line of radeon-based video cards. it allows you to adjust options you otherwise would have to add to the window's registry by hand... a daunting task for the uninitiated. radeontweaker also provides information about what a tweak will do to your system. the documentation will be improved as time goes on.

radeontweaker is free software released under the terms of the gnu gpl. basically this means that you are free not only to use radeontweaker for no charge, but you may also modify its source code and redestribute it, provided your alterations are also released under the gpl. radeontweaker was made in the win32 development environment dev-c++ along with gtk for windows. we use the dev-c++ package for gtk, not the current tml version. radeontweaker should, however, be compatible with the newer libraries.